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  • Product :Kit for Childrens with cancer

Project Brief:

The A la quimio con mi simio program was created by Jungle Studio to help children and families living with childhood cancer. The idea was born as a title project for the University in which a playful accompanying kit for children in chemotherapy is designed. The impact and benefits that it generated in the children to whom the kit was delivered was evident, this motivated to want to continue working with this idea so that more and more children could be reached (both nationally and internationally), and thus sow smiles of well-being, confidence and strength in them.

Chemo with my ape is a kit that for now has only been delivered to children in Chile. We are currently managing our great mission: to cross borders to reach other countries and benefit more children who are undergoing chemotherapy. To achieve this, the project was awarded a CORFO for social ventures with which nearly 340 kits can be manufactured. In addition, as an organization we are managing through private donations, the manufacture of 1660 more kits, in which a percentage of these are considered to be in the English version.

In addition to a cute stuffed ape, the project includes educational support materials to help children and families understand their health situation. Each kit comes with a book explaining the treatment and its side effects; a backpack; a drawing book and a roulette of emotions, more frequent in their children during this process, with which caregivers can validate and work on them during this stage.

As an institution we are committed to donating 380 kits to children throughout our country during the product launch months (August and September). In this way, children from all parts of Chile will be able to enjoy their new great friend.

We faithfully commit to:

– Support families living with childhood cancer.

– Guarantee that the materials and products are certified to be used in medical contexts.

– Manage that the product is adequately reviewed and approved by medical experts, psychologists, and specialists in children’s health, so that an innovative product is offered that guarantees the well-being of the child.

– Provide the kit for free to families living with childhood cancer and cannot afford it.

– We are committed to diversity by ensuring that products are available to every child in need, regardless of gender, race, religion, or color.

We invite you to donate and become part of this great initiative, in this way more children will receive their kit for free and through their ape you will be accompanying them to each of their chemotherapies!

A la Quimio con mi Simio

Chemonkey Project

This is a report made by Chilean television to the project “A la quimio con mi simio”